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Head on over to The Broadcast Contest page to enter the contest! Just three simple steps!

Enjoy The Ultimate Girl's Day Out!  Get beautified, have fun together in your shoot, head out for a night on the town, and end up with beautiful photos of the ones you love!

Katie Nixon Photography Hosting Portrait Contest with KTXD The Broadcast

The Dallas photographer announced the contest this morning live on the show.

January 6, 2014 – Dallas, TX – Dallas’ natural beauty photographer Katie Nixon has teamed up with KTXD The Broadcast to give one lucky viewer a makeover photo shoot. Nixon announced the contest this morning during her live interview with Meghan Jones. The winner will go to Nixon’s studio in Dallas for a photography session complete with champagne, professional hair styling and makeup application. The contest winner will also join Nixon on The Broadcast on January 27th, where they will reveal the photos live on television.

“Photography is a way to capture a moment and I know I treasure the photos I have of my mother and grandmothers,” states Nixon. “I do what I do because I believe that we are each worth celebrating. Not when you lose ten pounds or you do this or that, but now. Women are notorious for sneaking their way out of photographs so I do everything I can to make it a fun, relaxed experience and work with them to get photos they can be proud to show off.”

To enter to win the free photography session with Katie Nixon, visit and follow the instructions. The winner will be chosen on Friday, January 9th. Entrants must live in Dallas and be available for the photo shoot next week.

About Katie Nixon Photography

Katie Nixon values natural beauty and is passionate about creating soft, strong, and feminine portraits of women. Her work is a fashion-inspired approach to the traditional beauty portrait. All of her photography sessions include champagne plus professional hair styling and makeup application. She works to bring out her clients’ natural beauty through lighting, draping and posing.

Katie-Rose Watson Publicist

Press Contact

Katherine Rose Watson, Publicist


P.S. If you're looking for amazing recipes to spice up your kitchen, Katie-Rose has a TON, check out The Rose Table to find more! I'm dying over her super easy Tilapia. YUM!

Join me on The Broadcast TV in Dallas to learn my top family photo tips!

My beautiful publicist, Katie-Rose Watson

My beautiful publicist, Katie-Rose Watson

Today I got to chat with the lovely Meghan Jones on The Broadcast TV about how to take your very own family photo this Christmas season!  I had so much fun and all the ladies were so warm, friendly, and inviting.

I absolutely could NOT have done it without my amazing publicist Katie-Rose Watson.  What a joy she is to work with.

Tune back into The Broadcast TV in January for a chance to win a photo shoot with me!  The lucky winner will be on the show with me again and I will be revealing her photos LIVE to her!  How fun!!

It’s that time of year again when family has traveled long and far to be together and what better way to celebrate that than with a family photo! 

It sounds like a good idea until you realize you’ve got to find the perfect spot, you’ve got to get the kids to sit still, make sure no one is blinking, and then find a way to run from the camera and pose yourself before that 10 second timer goes off. 

Luckily I'm here to help!

Follow my 5 tips below to take your best family photo!

Tip #1:  Find a shady spot and use your camera’s 10 second self-timer

o    The two mistakes people usually make in their photos is either facing the family toward the sun so everyone is squinting or facing everyone away from the sun so the picture turns out super dark.  The best way to get a clear picture is to find a nice spot of indirect light, or shade.  Set up your camera on a tripod or on the counter and use the self-timer tool so that everyone can get into the photo.  This means that the person taking the photo will have to push the button and then run to their spot!  To make sure you know how to pose, see tips #4 and #5.

Tip #2:  Pose the adults first


o    When posing adults, arrange everyone according to their relationship with each other.  Husbands and wives together or brothers and sisters together.  It’s always nice to have mom and dad in the center too!  If you have a big family, you will want to create three different levels by having some people standing, some seated, and the kids on the ground or on laps.

Tip #3:  Connect everyone through hand and body language

o    Now that you’ve got your pose down, it’s time to polish off the picture by connecting everyone.  You can do this by having people connect hands, or wrap hands around each other.  Just having someone’s hand on the shoulder or arm of the person in front of them makes a huge difference!

Tip #4:  Posing:  pull your hips away from the camera and define your waist

o    Ladies, let’s address how to bring out the best shape in your body!  In order to slim your bodyline, I want you to angle your body away from the camera and put your bodyweight on your back foot.  This will automatically pull your hips away from the camera which will result in a naturally slimmer bodyline.   Next put your hand on your waist to define your hourglass and point your toe to give a slight bend in your knee.  Men should face straight on to the camera to create that strong manly feeling!

Tip #5:  Bring in the children and get them to look at the camera

o    We all know that kids don’t have much patience for sitting down, especially with the energy of Christmas all around.  Once you’ve found your shady spot and arranged all the adults according to couples, you can then wrangle the kiddos, when you’re about ready to push that button.  It can also be helpful to cut a shape (a star for example) out of piece of colorful construction paper and tape it to the top of the camera.  Now, while the self-timer is counting down you can keep telling the kids, “Everyone look at the star, look at the star everyone! Smile!”

I took this photo with a 10 second timer on my camera and just ran into the photo.  Yes, we did this about six times!!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Katie Nixon Photography Dallas Boudoir

In an enticing twist, this Holiday season becomes undeniably seductive. 

Another year is almost up and it's time to get creative with our Holiday gifts!  Have you thought about what you're getting for that special someone?  A classy, sophisticated, and sexy boudoir photoshoot just might fit the bill!

Or maybe you're flying solo and proud of it?  Why not celebrate this time of year for YOURSELF and indulge in a photoshoot that allows you to embrace your femininity and boldest self?

Feeling a bit nervous about doing such a personal shoot?  Read the testimonials below because you are not alone!  But, you see, it's my job to guide you through each pose and give you direction so it looks like there is no one in the room but you. 

Charitable Donation

'Tis the season of giving....and giving BACK! 

Receive $25 off the mini photo shoot by bringing a fresh pair of bra and panties to The Stocking Stuffer Mini Session. Receive a complimentary accordion photo book by bringing a fresh pair of bra and panties to The Ultimate Christmas Gift Session. Donations will be gifted to Hope’s Door in Plano, an organization that that helps families who are the victims of domestic violence.

Katie Nixon Photography Dallas Boudoir Glamour Beauty
I didn’t know I could like the woman in those photographs. Now I have these photographs to remind me I am beautiful. No matter what I think about myself when I look in the mirror, I am and always will be that beautiful woman.
— Erica Black
My experience in working with Katie is she wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. It was my first time to do a boudoir photoshoot and at first, the poses were very foreign to me, but by the end I felt like I finally knew what I was doing! I felt confident during the shoot, but even more so afterwards when I saw the final pictures. Katie is a photographer who knows how to give you the confidence you deserve!
— Destiny Johnson
Even though it was my first professional photo shoot, Katie made me feel comfortable with her direction. The photos were astounding; they helped me see beauty in what I perceived were my imperfections. Would do it again in a heartbeat!
— Jessica Lopez
Katie Nixon Photography Dallas Boudoir Glamour Beauty