The Broadcast TV Giveaway: Photo Shoot Winner!!!

And the winner is.......  Dee Robinson!  I was so touched by Dee's story because once you're  a mom your needs go to the bottom of the list.  Your kids always come first and all that hard work is easily followed by sweat pants and whatever feels comfortable!  It's so easy to forget how to dress yourself up so you feel like a GODDESS.

I love photographing moms because when you love yourself, value yourself, and take pride in yourself that somehow translates to your kids and they learn to do the same thing.  This is why it's important for all you mamas out there

Dee Robinson: Body Image and Self Value and one Dallas Woman's Story

Dee Robinson.jpg

I'm afraid you will pick me.

And I'm afraid you won't.

Because if I win -- if I am really that lucky--I cannot hide behind my own Canon camera any more. At least not for that one day of a makeover.

I'm Dee Robinson and I'm 48 years old. People are surprised to learn my husband and I have 2 boys age 21 and 22. I guess we've held up pretty well through 25 years of marriage. (The picture I have submitted is taken from our anniversary trip, and the amazing new ring he gave me!) My last portrait was my bridal portrait.

My mom's idea of makeup was Revlon Tawny Beige foundation, and using her lipstick on her cheeks for blush. Occasionally she would go all out and use some mascara. That was it. She died at 51, when I was 26. She doesn’t know that I’m a successful business woman who grossly lacks confidence and a sense of style. I am a curvy size 8/10, who hides under tunics and sweaters.

So if I don’t win, I will continue to fumble with my own collection of Mary Kay (God bless my consultant for trying…) and an assortment of CVS sale items that pour out of my makeup bag. I will curl my hair on Mondays, and wear it in ponytails on Tuesday and Wednesday, then rinse and repeat… I will stare aimlessly at my closet each morning, clueless on how to be "stylish", and I will resort to black or blue slacks and a gray or beige sweater.

In jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, with my hair in a ponytail, soon I will be on a baseball field, behind the lens, taking pictures of my boys. And I will smile. Win or lose.